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Celebrating 12th Graders at the Senior Awards Ceremony

May 31, 2018

On May 30, the entire Upper School came together in the Broad Street Ballroom to celebrate the Class of 2018 at the 2nd annual Léman Manhattan Senior Awards Ceremony. Outstanding seniors were presented with academic achievement awards in all disciplines. Each student was handed their award by a faculty member who commended their accomplishments from the stage.

Three distinguished awards were presented to students who have made exceptional contributions to the Léman community: the Léman Manhattan Leadership Award, the Léman Manhattan Faculty Award, and the Léman Manhattan Head's Award.

Congratulations to all of the award winners and to the entire Class of 2018!

2018 Senior Awards Recipients
Award for Excellence in the Study of Language & Literature - Tehya Yolana Bailey
Award for Excellence in the Study of Language & Literature (Chinese) - Ziqian Ye
Award for Excellence in History - Esmé Maria Ng & Miron Sergeev
Award for Excellence in Economics - Shayla Sigal Shmuel & Yulong Zhang
Dmitri Mendeleev Award for Excellence in Chemistry - Simone Malekar
Rachel Carson Award for Excellence in Environmental Systems and Society - Miron Sergeev
Albert Einstein Award for Excellence in the Study of Physics - Pak Ki Shen & Chi-Chen Wei
Rosalind Franklin Award for Excellence in the Biological Sciences - Simone Malekar & Shayla Sigal Shmuel
Award for Excellence in Mathematics - Zemin Yan & Hayun Son
Award for Excellence in French - Sara Florez Briñez
Award for Excellence in Mandarin - Bradley Kaufman
Award for Excellence in Spanish - Angelica Seracini
Award for Excellence in English B - Max Qian
Award for Excellence in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - Ruth Gershberg
Award for Excellence in Music - Tomas Moser
Award for Excellence in Visual Arts - Nicholas Zurcher-Long
Award for Excellence in Film - Denyvi Rose & Sara Florez Briñez
Award for Excellence in Theater - Esmé Ng
Award for Excellence in Physical Education - Yoshi Sabajo
Léman Manhattan Bulls Pride Award - Joost Schuttenbelt
Award for Excellence in Theory of Knowledge - Juan Pava Urbina
Léman Manhattan Leadership Award - Jessica Velesaca
Léman Manhattan Faculty Award - Juan Pava Urbina
Léman Manhattan Head’s Award - Sara Florez Briñez

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