PreK 2

The Léman PreK 2 Program is designed to ignite the curiosity and wonder of young children, and prepare them for academic and social/emotional success in a nurturing, play-based classroom environment. Under the expert guidance of our talented Early Childhood faculty, two-year-olds at Léman foster their independence and confidence through inquiry-based exploration of a range of materials and manipulatives across literacy, math, art, science and music. Our play-based program is designed to cultivate a love of learning, build a strong sense of community and belonging, and partner with parents during the most influential time in a child's development.

To provide families with flexibility and offer developmentally-appropriate programming tailored to each child, we offer both Drop Off and Grown Up and Me PreK 2 programs based on children's age and developmental milestones. The PreK 2 Program provides an educational pathway to Léman's ongoing Early Childhood and Lower School Program, where increasing academic rigor and special classes are offered to further hone students' skills, passions, and interests.

Igniting Curiosity

Our PreK 2 Program sets the foundation for learning in an inquiry-based environment where children foster a love of coming to school and build the academic and social skills they need for success in a future full-day preschool environment. Léman faculty expertly guide our young learners through this magical time in their development.

Early Literacy

We build the foundation of pre-literacy skills in our PreK 2 curriculum through daily interactive storytime, building conceptual understanding through the introduction of new vocabulary in thematic units, and surrounding children with a print-rich environment and exposure to letterform and sound.

Mathematics & Science

PreK 2 students are introduced to the concepts of counting and patterning, which build the foundation for strong mathematical skills. Using a variety of sensory materials ranging from paint and Play-doh to beads and water, PreK 2 students make connections and begin to understand cause and effect, a foundational science skill.

Social Studies

At two years of age, children begin to understand the world as concentric circles around them. We introduce the concept of community in our PreK 2 classroom, starting with a “study of me” followed by our classroom community and family, to help children understand their important place in our world and those who share it with us.

Fine & Gross Motor Development

As a precursor to becoming a strong reader and writer, PreK 2 students develop their fine motor skills through exploration with a range of materials including paint, markers, crayons and beads. In addition, we help PreK 2 students navigate learning spatial awareness and development of fundamental tumbling skills in our renovated playspace for toddlers.


Building music literacy is core to the Léman academic program. Through daily song and movement, PreK 2 students apply a full kinesthetic approach to growing their music skills. We use song to build community and a sense of belonging in our classroom, as well introduce the foundational skills of rhythm and beat.

Léman PreK 2 Program

PreK 2 Drop Off:
5 days/week
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
2019-20 Tuition: $21,000

PreK 2 Gentle Separation:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM FULL
1:30 PM to 3:30PM
2019-20 Tuition: $8,000

PreK 2 Drop Off age requirements: Admissions priority will be given to children turning 3 years old by December 31, 2019. Spots will be awarded on a space available basis, with priority offered to families already enrolled in Léman Explorers. Younger Twos are eligible for Léman's gentle separation PreK 2 program attended with a grown-up.

How To Apply

We are now accepting applications for 2019-2020. For information on applying visit the Léman PreK 2 Application Process page. Please note enrollment is for the full academic year.

Please email the admissions team or call 646-685-8522 for more information.

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