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2019-2024 Strategic Plan

As Léman prepares to celebrate its 18th anniversary in the 2022-23 school year, we have reflected on our successes, areas of growth, and defining characteristics that differentiate a Léman education. Now well into our second decade, it is an opportune time to define the future vision for Léman and build upon our established academic program and strong community. With that in mind, we are pleased to share the Léman Manhattan 2019-2024 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan outlines Léman's goals and objectives to carry our institution into the future and fulfill our mission of providing an academically rigorous program in a global context to students ages 12 months to grade 12. We look forward to building upon this plan over the next five years and beyond. A learning experience in a diverse community like Léman prepares students to thrive in today's interconnected world, and to become knowledgeable, collaborative global citizens with a sense of purpose.

Academic Rigor

Goal: Deliver a PK-12 academic program grounded in the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy that prepares students with the critical thinking and collaboration skills they need to meet their university and career endeavors with success in a rapidly changing global world.


1. Provide students with a highly engaging learning experience that encourages creativity, compassion and advocacy, and inspires students to make meaningful contributions to their local and global communities.

2. Deepen the IB philosophy across PK-12 instruction, placing student inquiry at the center of our curricular approach to encourage curiosity, knowledge-building and resilience.

3. Offer expert college counseling services, focused on personalized guidance and best in class university preparation to support each student in reaching their desired goals.

4. Enhance interdisciplinary STEAM offerings to build technology fluency that supports student learning, fosters creative design thinking, promotes digital citizenship and prepares students for success in a technology-driven world.

5. Broaden partnerships with local business and cultural institutions to provide students with opportunities for real world learning experiences.

Instructional Excellence

Goal: Continue to attract, support and retain a diverse faculty with exceptional qualifications, who bring passion, dedication and deep expertise to teaching and who are committed to realizing the personal best in each Léman student.


1. Establish Léman as an employer of choice across independent schools, offering competitive compensation and benefits, an engaging and transparent workplace and a compelling mission.

2. Uphold hiring, evaluation and recognition initiatives that attract, retain and elevate accomplished faculty and establish thoughtful succession plans.

3. Increase diversity among our faculty to reflect today’s world and the various communities we serve.

4. Provide opportunities for ongoing and meaningful professional development that enable faculty to apply the latest research, innovation and teaching methods to their classrooms at Léman.

5. Foster a collaborative culture of professional inquiry across PK-12 to support the sharing of best practices and learning and growing together to best serve Léman students.

Thoughtful Growth

Goal: Invest in programming to support the continued growth of our school to capacity. Increase awareness and recognition of Léman’s program, attract academically qualified, mission-appropriate students and expand our program resources to support our ongoing growth.


1. Implement comprehensive reputation-building admission and communications strategies that allow families and external stakeholders to appreciate Léman’s rigorous IB program, exceptional academic outcomes and strong community spirit.

2. Partner with parents, students and faculty to celebrate Léman’s successes and position Léman as a top-choice school for Lower Manhattan families and beyond.

3. Offer world-class classroom and extracurricular offerings across all academic disciplines, Technology, Fine Arts and Athletics that support the continued growth of our student body and differentiate a Léman education.

4. Utilize a multi-year enrollment and financial aid management plan that responsibly and equitably disperses tuition assistance to foster a socio-economically diverse student body.

5. Leverage our distinct resources as a PK-12 school to increase opportunities for students and parents to collaborate across academic divisions and best support students in their transitions across grades.

6. Consider institutional facilities needs through ongoing space and resource planning to provide the optimal learning environment for faculty and students.

Community Spirit and Strength

Goal: Reinforce the connection between home and school and build pride for Léman’s identity through partnership opportunities for students, parents and faculty that help us learn and grow together.


1. Cultivate a personal, community and institutional growth mindset across Léman that supports our mission.

2. Foster opportunities for parents and students to make meaningful connections with others across the school that encourage a sense of belonging and shared values.

3. Provide an inclusive learning environment for all students and families that leverages our unique position as a school that serves both our local neighborhoods and a diverse international community.

4. Celebrate and reaffirm Léman’s identity through annual school traditions and community- building events that convey our leadership position among NYC independent schools.

5. Offer thought-provoking opportunities for parents, students and faculty to discuss issues that increase our knowledge, build shared understanding and support the student learning experience.

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