2023-2024 Admissions: Limited spots are available for the 2023-2024 school year! Léman is accepting applications for Explorers (12-24 months) to Grade 12. Mid-year start is also available.

2024-2025 Admissions: Next year's application is open! To learn more about Léman, join us for a Fall admissions tour. Registration is required on Ravenna.

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Residential Life

Student housing is uniquely situated in the heart of Lower Manhattan at 37 Wall Street, a luxury apartment building only several blocks away from the high school. This historic location, right across from the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall, offers quick and easy access to all of the city's attractions.

Students live in stylish apartments on the same floor as the boarding program's dedicated and experienced staff, who provide 24/7 surveillance in the facility and work to ensure that students have everything they need to succeed academically and socially.

Modern Living

Léman students live in modern apartments located at 37 Wall Street, an impressive Art Deco residential building a short walk from the academic campus, and convenient to the city's major transportation lines and attractions. Each suite is complete with its own kitchen, bathroom, study area, Wi-Fi, and hi-tech security system. Students enjoy amenities such as concierge laundry, cleaning services, and three chef-prepared meals a day. Our dedicated and experienced Residential Counselors care for the everyday life of boarding students, and ensure they have the resources they need to thrive academically and socially.

Safety & Security

Providing your child with a safe and secure experience in New York City is our top priority. The residential building at 37 Wall Street is located in one of the most secure neighborhoods in Manhattan and includes a 24/7 staffed lobby in addition to around-the-clock surveillance by Residential Life Staff.

During the orientation program at the beginning of the year, all students go through a series of classes that are designed to help them become safe and capable residents of NYC. The Residential Life Program also takes a number of measures to ensure student safety. Students are required to check-out with staff, for example, when they leave the residence, and are provided with cell phones that they must carry at all times when out of school.

Weekend Activities

The list of cool weekend activities in New York City is endless! Every weekend, students have the opportunity to explore the city and surrounding area to visit its incredibly diverse attractions. A small sampling of weekend activities includes NBA games, Broadway shows, guided bicycle tours of Central Park, day trips to Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, museum sisits, shopping excursions, a night out at the movies, or gym time for basketball, badminton and weight lifting.

Travel Opportunities

The sandy, white beaches of Florida! The famous monuments of Washington, D.C.! The beautiful nature and hiking trails just north of New York City! These are some of the magical experiences that will be offered to students during school vacations. During Thanksgiving break, students head to a luxury resort on the coast of Florida where they meet up with students from Léman's sister schools for several days of sun and play. Students then head to Washington, D.C. for spring break, where they visit museums and monuments and tour the White House. During shorter breaks throughout the year, students have the opportunity to visit places like Philadelphia and Baltimore, and also to enjoy theme parks, hiking trails, outlet malls, and more!

Explore the Léman experience for your child.

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