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The Léman libraries are a destination for information literacy, engaged learning, creative expression, and pleasure reading. These spaces foster a love of literacy and build students' research skills throughout the educational path at Léman on their journey to become knowledgeable critical thinkers and collaborators.

Léman Librarians hold ALA-accredited Master's degrees in Library and Information Science, and extend the library's welcome for poetry and literature enrichment clubs, promote independent learning, and assist in finding print and digital resources to support students' research and writing goals.

Our libraries are physical, virtual and programmatic entities.

Physical: Both libraries are home to a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction titles in print for research, curriculum support, or the pursuit of interests and leisure reading. These collections represent the best there is in both classic and contemporary literature. The diversity of their culture, thought, and experiences reflect our school's commitment to and celebration of international‐mindedness.

Virtual: Our learning space includes a virtual space that includes access to ebooks and research databases. For research and homework needs, students have remote access to more than 20 subscription databases, available on-campus and from home, - covering all disciplines of our Pre-K to 12th Grade curriculum and beyond. These digital resources range from generalized 14 databases, containing both scholarly and magazine articles, to more subject specific databases, containing primary source documents, visual and audio resources, biographies, and streaming video.

Programmatic: Early Childhood and Lower School students have scheduled time in the library, where words and pictures are the central inspiration for expression. Answering questions becomes a natural part of each program, and a vibrant story program captures the varied interests of children at different ages and reading levels. The librarian, in collaboration with teachers and the educational technology coach, provides information literacy instruction both in the library and in the classrooms, connecting the needed skills to the classroom.

The Upper School librarian collaborates with Middle and High School faculty to integrate information-literacy skills into their curriculum. The library sponsors independent reading programs throughout the year. The librarian is embedded into the Research and Writing classes and works with IB students both in groups and one-on-one, helping them to not only understand the research process, but also to help them find the information they need to have a successful IB Extended Essay.

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