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Lower School Students Showcase Their Passions through Personalized Learning Plans

June 04, 2021

The Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is one of the core tenants of the Lower School education at Léman. The PLP provides students with an individual goal that is driven by their passions, interests, and aspirations while incorporating the academic skills and qualities that make for a successful life-long learner. Beginning in 1st grade, students partner with their teachers and parents in the fall to choose a passion-driven project that they will focus on throughout the school year and ultimately complete and present in the spring.

Over the past two weeks, Lower School students have culminated their individual projects with presentations for their teachers and peers. 

First graders wrote and illustrated books focused on a range of topics including bison, weather, rainforest, dentists, coding, chameleons, cats, deserts, and sharks. 

Second graders wrote non-fiction books, researching their topics online using resources such as PebbleGo, Kinddle, and DKFindout online. After careful research, they presented on fascinating topics including architecture, the brain, dinosaurs, black holes, Hawaii, chocolate, and tornadoes.  

Third graders presented on topics including North Sentinelese people, birds of prey, and beatboxing. 

Fourth graders exercised their technical skills by creating TED Talk videos on topics including how video games make the world a better place, the evolution of pasta and the future of robots. 

For their final Lower School PLP, fifth graders focused on current issues including the importance of vaccines, sustainability, voting, civil rights, and diversity in literature.

Each students' topic came to life through the unique presentations that showcased their own learning styles, passions and interests. 




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