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PreK 3

In Léman's Threes classroom, children continue their journey towards greater independence and becoming critical thinkers. Children create a strong sense of belonging and ownership through many group experiences together, taking an active role in their education by establishing and following community practices, conducting daily morning meetings, and participating in small and whole-group collaborative activities.

Threes students exchange thoughts and ideas with their peers and teachers, hear different points of view, and are active members of shaping our classroom community. Through hands-on experiences across literacy, math, art, music, social studies, science, and swim, children investigate their surroundings and make connections with the world around them.

Early Literacy

Emergent literacy is integrated throughout our Threes curriculum. Our print-rich environment helps children understand why and how print is used, and how to interpret various texts. Rhymes and songs enable students to hear the sounds of speech in our oral language and active engagement with books and storytelling promotes pre-literacy skills that build vocabulary, develop comprehension, and support higher levels of thinking.

Mathematics & Science

We build Threes' mathematical foundation through daily interactive games, puzzles, block building, and manipulatives. In Morning Meeting, we review the calendar and daily schedule, incorporating the understanding of time, counting, and numeral recognition. Children develop an understanding of numerals, shapes, patterns, measurement, sorting, one-to-one correspondence, categorizing, and logical thinking, as well as explore, discover, predict, compare, and draw their own conclusions based on observations, investigations, and experiments..

Social Studies

Our social studies program allows children to explore rich, thematic units. Students learn how to appreciate the diversity of their friends, understand roles within their community, and think critically about the world around them. Our youngest citizens gain a better understanding of being an active community member.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Our tremendous facility provides the space and equipment for daily physical activity young children need for gross motor development. Daily Recess encourages and supports whole-body movement, including pedaling tricycles, catching and throwing balls, climbing and running. Fine motor skills are practiced to strengthen and refine the use of the children's small muscles in their hands, fingers, and thumb through activities such as beading, lacing, coloring, and painting.

World Language

The PreK 3 students learn Mandarin, Spanish, or French through stories, games, songs, and music. The 5 day a week class approach is based on Comprehensible Input which allows students to access the meaning of the language through what they hear and see. Students learn all content in very familiar, simple, and engaging contexts in order to receive the input they need to develop proficiency in the language.


The Threes music curriculum focuses on creative play to explore key elements of music. Vocal discovery is cultivated through various whisper-speak-sing activities, high-low games, echo singing, and exploration of a varied repertoire of songs. The process of feeling, hearing, and creating a steady, even beat is approached through active songs, chanting, repetitive movement, and the use of percussive instruments like hand drums, sand blocks, and rhythm sticks. Students develop a healthy, independent singing voice by echoing simple songs and melodies.

Léman PreK 3 Program

Léman Manhattan offers several options to provide families with flexibility:

PreK 3 Half-Day:
8:30 AM to 1:00 PM (includes lunch)
2024-25 Tuition: $36,800

PreK 3 Full-Day:
8:30 AM to 3:10 PM (includes lunch)
2024-25 Tuition: $42,000

Early Bird Drop Off is available for both half and full day students. Early Bird Drop off is at 8:15 AM and is included in the cost of tuition.

Starting fall 2024, After-School Programming is available from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM and includes a range of classes from French to Chess. Pricing varies by number of days enrolled. Please contact the admissions team for more information.

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for 2024-2025. For information on applying visit the Léman PreK 3 & PreK 4 Application Process page.

Please email the admissions team or call 212-232-0266 for more information.

Explore the Léman experience for your child.

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