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Seven Léman Students to Collaborate with Professors on Scientific Research

June 17, 2024

Over the course of the 2023-24 school year, Léman high school students had the opportunity to participate in Léman’s first-ever Science Research elective. This specialized STEM course, which is offered exclusively to tenth and eleventh graders, provides students with the unique opportunity to receive first-hand experience in the extensive process of scientific inquiry and research. Science Research “gives students an early start to developing their critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills that are essential, not just for future scientists, but for so many future professions,” shared Upper School Science Teacher Ms. Spicijaric when asked about the elective’s importance.

At the beginning of the year, students selected a research topic which they explored extensively with Ms. Spicijaric’s guidance. As their investigations moved forward, students simultaneously generated research projects to showcase their work which they presented at this year’s Science Fair.

Though the process of learning how to effectively conduct research is a key skill for any burgeoning scientist, there was another unique opportunity that this class provided. With Ms. Spicijaric’s counsel, students in Scientific Research were able to share professional articles summarizing their findings with leading researchers and professors in their chosen fields. Through forming relationships with these thought leaders, students aimed to form professional partnerships that would allow them to simultaneously continue their research outside of the classroom, bolster their skills in a professional context, and further expand upon their interests in STEM-centric work.

With the first iteration of this course has now come to a close, we’re thrilled to share that seven students will be working with well-renowned researchers hailing from a global array of institutions. Over the course of the summer, the following students will collaborate with and receive mentorship from leading academics as they further expand upon their original work, all started during this most recent school year:

  • Amy D. ‘26 – Collaborating with a professor at the University of Southern California on work pertaining to the fast fashion industry’s digital marketing trends that target adolescents.
  • Mahaut D. ‘26 – Collaborating with a researcher at Aalborg University in Denmark on work pertaining to bioarchitecture.
  • Gianna G. ‘25 – Collaborating with researchers at New York University on work pertaining to bioethics in the hopes of increasing funding to further explore rare pediatric disorders.
  • William M. ‘26 – Collaborating with a student at Columbia University on his research related within the realm of Physics.
  • Samia P. ‘26 – Collaborating with researchers at the University of Cincinnati on work that pertains to how stem cell treatments affect those with sickle cell anemia.
  • Gwen R. ‘26 – Collaborating with a professor from the University of Massachusetts on non-pharmaceutical interventions for Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Noah W. ‘26 – Collaborating with the Amen Clinic on work pertaining to the neurobiology of addiction and the use of psychedelics in treating PTSD. 

Congratulations to all of these budding researchers!

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