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Early Childhood and Lower School Students Expand Cultural Horizons on Project Day

May 06, 2021

Léman is a mosaic of cultures and heritages and on May 3, all students from Early Childhood to 5th grade engaged in a project-based activity where they explored their roots and that of others in our Léman community. This half-day Project Day, “A Celebration of Diversity: The International ‘Not-Food’ Festival,” was spearheaded by DEIJ Student Representative Luca Aranda and his peers on the 5th Grade Student Council. Their hope was to create a safe, inclusive, and fun learning experience while still holding on to the tradition of our annual International Food Festival. 

They succeeded! Every floor, with its’ different grade levels, shared a common engagement as students collaborated, researched, and created originative displays. The goals of the project were to bring Leman’s diverse student population together in a safe, educational, and fun way; to provide an opportunity for students to share their culture and heritage in an authentic and personalized way; to promote awareness of our international community through research of unfamiliar and/or unknown places, cultures and traditions; and to give opportunity for students to utilize learned skills in various academic disciplines.

In addition, it aimed to bridge the celebration of April's Diversity Awareness Month and May’s upcoming International Day of the Family. On May 14th students will cap this project by taking part in a gallery walk where they can view not only their pieces but also that of those in varying grades. Check out some of these images to get a taste of what the day consisted of.  




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