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3rd Graders Explore Personal Narratives During Writing Workshop Unit

October 15, 2019

In 3rd grade writing workshop, the students have been learning how to take ownership of their writing by creating personal narratives- true stories about their lives. To start, students focused on the essential question, "What do I love to write about?" From this question, the students decorated their writer's journals and generated lists and sketches of the people, places, and things in their lives that hold powerful and meaningful moments. The students continued to draft, revise, and edit their pieces as they learn about the writing process. Each third grader chose something they feel passionately about and spent independent time adding a description, dialogue, and action to their pieces. Throughout this unit, these young writers have worked in partnerships to develop peer editing skills and have been learning what it means to give effective feedback to the fellow writers in their class. This unit holds tremendous weight in terms of establishing writing routines, building up their writing stamina and increasing writing volume in third grade. The students will end the unit by publishing one of their stories that they've thoroughly developed and celebrating this piece by sharing with their families and friends.

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