Mission & Values

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is an international learning community committed to educating, empowering and inspiring students from early childhood through 12th grade to be confident, independent critical thinkers.

We equip young minds with the knowledge and skills they need to evaluate, compare and make thoughtful choices so they can become informed and engaged citizens of the world.


We develop each child's potential through:
• Personalized instruction that addresses each student's unique learning style.
• Differentiated instruction, curriculum and assessment.
• Fostering meaningful student-teacher relationships.
• Promoting ongoing collaboration among community members, both locally and globally.
• Cultivating independent thought that builds character and confidence.

Core Values

Core values are the essential and enduring tenets of our school. These guiding principles have a profound impact on how everyone thinks and acts. And they are the soul of who we are — the values that guide all of our actions.

We believe equally in the value of:
• Thinking critically and working collaboratively.
• Achieving academic excellence.
• Personalized learning.
• Nurturing creativity.
• Modeling and promoting resiliency.
• Promoting healthy minds and bodies.
• Respecting one's self and others.
• Serving the local and global community.
• Encouraging open minds and international-mindedness.

Inclusion Statement

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is a community of diverse cultures, languages and countries of origin, which draws unity through the acknowledgement and celebration of our differences. As a mosaic of individuals who believe everyone should feel safe and respected, we strive to facilitate opportunities for meaningful engagement with openness and empathy. This process of communication is integral to fostering a just and harmonious place of learning.

Ours is an inclusive school where students, families, caregivers, faculty and staff are supported equally and where each unique identity, voice, ideological viewpoint and experience is valued. We honor all members of our community, diverse in: ability, age, appearance, belief system, citizenship, culture, family structure, gender, gender identity, language, learning style, national origin, political view, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic level and all other protected characteristics.

Committed to sustaining an environment free of harassment in any form, including bullying and discrimination, we maintain that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person. We embrace this challenging, yet rewarding opportunity and understand that this is an evolving work which enriches our lives.

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